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5 Reasons to use promotional calendars

As a business owner, it's necessary to think about calendars as more than just a way to keep track of important dates. The simple fact is that sending out branded calendars to current and potential clients will increase brand exposure and boost customer loyalty. Here are five reasons why your business should think about using custom calendars to promote your business.

1. Easy To Use and Visual

We are swamped with calendars in our mobile phones, PC's and tablets but still the easiest and most convenient way to check dates and appointments is a printed calendar. Plus, there are many calendar options to choose from, including wall calendars, booklet calendars, and desk calendars that can be custom made, and additional information added that your customer may find useful.

2. A Year’s Worth Of Self­ Promotion

There is no better marketing investment than a 365­day reminder of your brand. Sending out a bespoke calendar for your business is a superb way to keep your company name and your business in front of customers and prospects all year long. A calendar will basically guarantee a full year of exposure to not only the customers who receive the calendar but also their friends, family and co­workers and clients who visit their business offices.

3. Marketing With Images

The importance of incorporating photos into your marketing materials is undoubtedly one of the best features of a custom calendar. The picture superiority effect is used in marketing all the time, people recall images more than words and can serve as a highly visual piece of marketing for your business. Showcase your products and services and inspire your customers to keep coming back for more with your own promotional calendar .

4. Promotions And Incentives

One way to satisfy your customers and keep them coming back for more is to offer special incentives. Why not produce your calendar with monthly discounts and promotions? You can even customise calendars to include specific discount days for calendar holding customers as well as to provide valuable information about your business. Say you own a restaurant, bakers or butchers, you may choose to include some recipes or cooking tips. There are many ways to use a calendar, and it saves you money because you don't have to have a marketing campaign spend every month, once a year is all you need.

5. Highlight Special Events

In addition to incentives, you may also want to customise your calendar to keep customers informed of important events, seasonal sales, deals or offers. Your options are endless. A business promotional calendar is a marketing material worth investing in. It is a cost effective and inventive way to encourage clients to use your product or service.

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