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With the age of technology rapidly advancing and marketing methods becoming more digital than physical, it’s a surprising and yet reassuring fact that paper and ink still has a huge place in the promotion of companies, large and small. A study in 2000 by Berlotti and Smith in the United States said that paper calendars would vanish, that electronic calendars were going to be the tool to use to keep track of our daily activities. That was 16 years ago and still, printed promotional calendars make up over 7 percent of all promotional materials sold. When you consider the huge range of goods like umbrellas, mugs, tee shirts and mousemats you see every day, 7 percent is a massive number, and an opportunity not to be sneezed at.

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Here are some of the statistics that may steer you in the direction of ordering calendars.

Importance Of Calendars

84 percent of respondents stated that calendars were either important, very important or extremely important in their daily lives.

Eighty‐three to 84 percent of respondents use a calendar to make a note of appointments and to check dates. Keeping track of special dates and holidays were the next most mentioned use for a calendar.

Types of calendars used

Almost half, 48 percent said they used wall calendars, another third said they used desk calendars, that leaves a small percentage using electronic or computer calendars.

Printed won hands down as the most used.

And now for the important bit.

When looking at the sample universe as a whole, it was found that almost 60 percent of all business respondents in the sample had an advertising calendar in their workplace.

Did they mind getting this free tool? Of course not, everyone likes free gifts.

Recall of advertisers details

The advertising or promotional calendar is a very effective advertising vehicle. Based on recall statistics, of those who reported having just one advertising calendar
  • 75 percent could remember the name of the company advertised
  • 77 percent could remember the product or service/message advertised.
  • 61 percent had a more favorable impression of the advertiser
  • 49 percent have referred the company who gave then the calendar to somebody else.
Recall and reaction of those who had received two or three advertising or promotional calendars were also very encouraging ... huge response and referral numbers, huge implications for ROI.

So the real question is, are they good for your business? Yes, without a doubt.

General Calendar Viewing Habits

Twenty‐four percent of respondents reported that they looked at a calendar once a day at work.

Seventy‐six percent looked at a calendar between two and more than 10 times a day.

Customised Promotional Calendars = Cost effective Marketing

A simple breakdown of cost per view shows that there really is no way of promoting your business that even comes close to the value for money you get with a bespoke calendar.
Impressions per day
Impressions per year
Cost of calendar
Cost per impression
So now we know that the printed physical calendar is here to stay. The trusted print calendar,  especially the wall calendar, has a firm foothold in our business environment. Don't miss out on the opportunity to place your business in front of your prospective customers in the most cost-effective way possible.

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