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Custom Calendars

Create your own calendar using your own photos of products or projects. 
Call us to discuss design options and pricing.

Why use personalised calendars?
When your company’s calendar is being seen by clients day after day, they’re bound to notice your logo and your slogan.  Not to mention, if they need the services you offer they will be sure to remember your company and give you a call, all because you were generous enough to give them a beautiful, branded calendar.

Repeat endorsements
Think of custom calendars as a personal recommendation, if a client has your company calendar displayed in their office, that means your brand is being endorsed by that company. So, anyone can clearly see that they have an established relationship with your company. Good for your business reputation and free advertising.

Order your business calendar today.
Calendars are one of the smartest and cost-effective ways to promote your business each and every day. Just add your business name, contact information and any other important message to any promotional calendar. Choose from our large variety of customisable calendars and send us an email to start the process
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